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pathic diathesis, when due to alcohol, shows itself by an increase in
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in connection with it. The statement made in regard to the
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symptoms pass off, the features of a hemiplegia become more defined.
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symptoms, with deep red coloration and with no free blood on the cut
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to the right of the sternum ; in nine cases of aneurism of the arch,
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tetanus. An antitoxinc prepared from the blood serum of
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per cent, respectively. While many of the neutrophilic myelocytes
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In Germany a renal theory of diabetes exists (Klemperer). The discovery
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interrupter ; but in the case I now report I must think
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to the profession that the syphilitic virus can be successfully
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these means these cities have sufficient water, while
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condition is frequently rapid and apparently causeless. When developed
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The depiction of cigarette smoking as “normal behavior”
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easily broken down by water falling upon it. The veins at the base
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they should be rejected. There was a law passed last ye^ir
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are continuous with those of the palm renders suppura-
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spores, which occur at the ends of the rods, are usually round or
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seeks an outlet. The position of pointing may be on the cheek or in the
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even after the removal of all clots with salt water and
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The writer professed a fixed disbelief in a definite pathol-
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as ether or chloroform. Bromids, chloral, morphin, may also
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tubercle bacilli and their products by repeated injections of these sub-
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same fashion as does the lymph. He also holds that the malignant cells
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later reports from the patients, or from their physicians, he learned that
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the former interfering with free inspiration, and the latter with
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cytes in the circulating blood and the spleen may alone be the source
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times occurs, is usually fatal. In other cases the laryngeal lesions may
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Fig. 45.— Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Tick. {Dermacentor venustus).
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and unbalanced condition of the tissues of alcoholic parents.
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expressions of agreement with my view, and the answers
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nual—Jersey City) ; Mercer, N. J., County Medical Society

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