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We can either aspirate the fluid into this bottle or directly

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Our series of normal orthodiagrams is too small to allow of deductions.

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fectly still in the horizontal position and allowing him

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most physicians follow in prescribing liquids is the volume of the liquid

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was thoroughly aroused, then to be given four times a day, a teaspoonful at

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University of Minnesota Hospitals is described by Dr.

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al unanimity of action ; importiint changes were made

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in which the latter period is much delayed, and slow convalescence

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the probable exception that each attack is rather longer than the others,

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in St. Louis, coming to Colorado twelve years ago, since which

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evidence must be of the clearest nature, and to the

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sideration in order to get what we are asking from stu-

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the cyst its entire length will be found not to exceed the ^-th of

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Of the pathology of hysteria in the severer forms just described, all that

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to which belong ten or twelve tubular glands. It cannot eject the

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or nervousness. In the event of side effects dosage to be reduced to Vi tablet 3

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cian weekly or oftener examines at the time of his medical

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the cyst its entire length will be found not to exceed the ^-th of

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tablishment, where may be found a full and complete assortment, of

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medical expert as a witness.) Orvosi hetil., Budapest,

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pression of theloin being maintained. With mobility" peculiarly belongs,

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the ball of the eye. It is most prominent in early life. Its proper

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The opponents of this parasitic theory are of the oi)inion that the

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hand turners. The indicator consists of two wooden tongue-

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moist and a dry cough is of considerable diagnostic importance, because

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views upon the much discussed question of the infec-

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Thus, in our study of combinations of morbific influences we come

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sued. The newspapers of the period contained notices of his ex-

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