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2. Bardenhauer : Centralbl. f. Chlr., March 25, 1892.
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stipation that sometimes accompanies the milk diet can be
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samples were tested. Of these, 524 were pronoimeied genuine.
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will be changed when laymen learn that it is the func-
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Since operating on the case reported, in doing experimental
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of this or that organic substance in the economy have beeen dis-
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adapted are those which accomplish the desired results.
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readily from the pus of the second lesion. This measure is
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tact with the spot where the normal acetabulum should be,
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should have its delegates on the spot to urge the matter, and
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arrested by thyroid treatment, rapid growth and tardy ossifi-
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rarely develops this disease, although dysentery is com-
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has been dependent upon experiments on living animals
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called attention to the paper of Ebstein on chronic recurring
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poses by the laboratory method of analysis after the
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Louis P. Hall, of New York, appointed Junior hospital steward In
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malpractice at the hands of one of the internes at the hospital
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peritoneum over the bladder being cut, the bladder is enucleated
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That tetanus antitoxin and plague antitoxin are val-
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a more practical course than is compatible with the diverse
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false teachers and inhuman parents who claimed to see
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operation ; 11th and 12tl> D. and Ist U. arches removed. Cauda
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bore many fruits, and whethet it is true or not,, as stated
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by Wagner's oateoplaatlc resection, also the method of locating the
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system by the most modem methods failed to discover
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lar map with its attendant pamphlet furnishing a handy bird's-
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against the action of the Council. The deputation, composed
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and the ulcerations in the intestines were in the region of the
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liamentary body composed of from one thousand to two thou^
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As I have already stated, the middle of the nineteenth
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general condition of the patient or the stage of the disease;
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minuria, dropsy and diseases of the kidneys. At this
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left inguinal region, and palpation showed a small mass here:
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to distinguish between these two classes of pelvic infec-
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arms above the head by extending them, and bringing
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am a member in good standing in both my county and state
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Dr. W. H. Welch, of Maryland: I was not Instructed to bring

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