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flushed with chJoride of lime and carbohc acid. — The grounds extend

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part of the Privy Council. " It had," says Mr. Simon, " long been a

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uterus and breast, Dr. Miller believed that the fat-cells existing in abund-

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which would issue from a neighbourhood in which the infant popula-

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lible clue to its firm structure. Hirschfeld, who has written an excel-

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dents of the First year at the end of the Winter Session : it may be di-

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Dr. Copland, in his Dictionaiy, tells us that Baglivi attributed the

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facts of disease and mortality." Would not this very much depend on

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leave or leisure they may obtain in aiding their brethren who are con-

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Ligament, with caries of the cervical vertebr.i.^. Death was sudden.

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every church, every school and iiiairie, has sick and wounded for in-

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1862. There were great drought and excessive heat this year, fol-

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saline aperients, and enemata. Dr. Carr enumerated the cases in which

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the contrary, it shows at the present time a marked tendency to increase. The

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Physician's Assistant and Resident Surgeon's Assistant, every si.x months

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and discreditable opposition should induce the Legislature to abandon

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in the possession. And not only so ; but, in preparing to exercise tliis

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