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two sugars. We trust that a sharp lookout will be kept upon this form of

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the above-mentioned furrows. The second stage is that of re-

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Equally ought all roarers to be set aside unless the exciting cause

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tially the same as that of lung condensed by pressure. From the resem-

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of the blood distributed. The first characteristic manifestation which

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vaginated portion of intestine was easily withdrawn from within that

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with inability to eat, and rapid loss of strength. One washing

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According to the psychologist states of action of mind can be analysed

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detect in this operation was the application of the ligature SO

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been gradually ascertained only within these few years, furnishes

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The theory advanced by Dr. Denison as to the action of high

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tions of the well known Magnetic Remedies of the late Henry Hall Sherwood, M. D. man

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tended to stop ways which lead downward ; and he be-

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friend to me, many a day yet; and right glad am I to see his

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the case of the sinus; if the exploring needle with-

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habits — that it is often overlooked. From the slow and obscure manner

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I ready beyond attack, and three months later the patient

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that bright light brought the spasms on. As already stated,

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of a serous exudate whicli led one of the members, earlier in the evening, to

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In t^e first case, aft«r death, a piece of the leather cartridge box was found buried

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would seem to demand. In the hands of a competent surgeon, on the other

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met with in the dog ; generally, however, an erythematous erup-

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temperature. They were then, with two of the routine laboratory

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the chest, and in the hypochondriac regions. Acceleration of the respira-

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of dulncss, ignorance, and misstatement with which we are beset,

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this state. A man styling himself "Doctor Mak" was found guilty at

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" First I must mention David Orme and William Lowder, who are

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