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terizing them, and then boldly excised all the indurated tissue, in one in-
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by an ecbolic like the Davenport-Donohue bill ? The advocates of
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per cent of phenol-sulphone-phthalein take each sample of urine
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a new floor for the urethra at the fistulous portion from the
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dispensing and amount. These cards, changed monthly or period-
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eter, running upward to the inguinal canal. External to and above
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in condensed, classified form the anatomical, physiological, and
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ratio of 1 : 100,000 was found to dilate the bloodvessels. Kobert himself
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these masses often caseate, but do not generally break down and form
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at its uterine end); infundibuliform; and pregnancy in the tube proper. The
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science — as we note the date of its first appearance, and so generally the
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"This patient, while it was a chronic case and had lost blood over a
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In but few of the standard books on general medicine or diseases of
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the family doctor treats at the peril of an assault upon his reputa-
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Dr. Abbe has used McBurney's method very satisfactorily in
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external meatus and while of so little practical use to the patient as to
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tion of the bowels, colic, perforation of intestine, ulceration of
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from Dr. Garman. He says that she is better, and had been to church
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prognosis is valuable, as coming from so well known a clinician. The
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charges a peculiar office in relation to the whole economy and to
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and a half inches. This surface was one solid plate of calcareous
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for an hour. Since then, the patient has had several attacks of pain :
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appetite or nausea; the tongue becomes furred, and it seemed very often as
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dered almost nothing, asphyxiation and partial paralysis of the
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for life out of doors, which stimulates body and mind alike and is
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are present. Licorice powder and high enema are resorted to for
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TiLANUS and Kronacher discuss this question in the Miinchener med.
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Succinctly and fairly stated, the following are the views generally
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privates, we as a profession, must take the unsuccessful physician,
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ment. The cough was aggravated by too much raw cold air.
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great slowness with which the infection develops causing the fact of the con-
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syphiloderm had taken, by hypodermic injection within seven weeks, a con-
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total acidity was determined by neutralization with a normal soda solution.
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nominally for her own use, but in reality for the use of her
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Relief from pain is complete and the digestive function excellent
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suicidal : to refuse to discuss it, the height of folly. Without in-

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