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a mystic holiness, from its being composed of tho sacred numbers thrco and four —

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were 1629 deaths, and 183 among the garrison. In the Mediterranean fieet,

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Of the effects of unlicensed commerce upon child-bearing, carefully prepare*

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thought to be from ulceration : Fallopian tubes containing pus-like

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sweet and prayerful smiles of the innocent, speechless, and hi I] less babe, imploring

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3rd, a sergeant, his wife, and child were attacked with dysentery,

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after the persons have arrived a1 the age of 20 years; and when wo recollect the

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the disease Mice upon them, there is no getting rid of it, just as many consumptives

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in a pure state may, perhaps, be traced some of the inconve-

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board of the United States, was there any manifestation of cholera

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men or angels could not be overwhelmed by the sweetness of her honeyed words,

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thence extend to the deeper parts: it affects by preference

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discussion. Jacooud reasonably suggests the advisability of

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li] e putrid Bores, upon the system of society; in the bed.of

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with the Indian woman? Says Stephenson, in his "Twenty Years' Residence in

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: in vitality when so small, and when very large encountering such pressure

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of time-seconds, and accompanied by an agitation of the neck much

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at each pulsation or contraction, is about two ounces. As the pulse beats, or as the

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which follows not only from the cause I have mentioned, but is sometimes a direct

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regular or irregular, and of 0001 — 0002 mm. diameter. In six

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i diseased? — the virus generated in the vitiated secretions, taints f

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and have occurred in adolescents. One case resulted from the

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uf the young have not become so stiff and uncomplying as when more advanced in

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this condition neither nature or the medicine can operate to the favorable extent

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Let us first of all, before we proceed to notice any of

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only slight symptoms after its beginning until the seventh or

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felt a throbbing pain beginning in the right side of the chest and

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not important, since these depend upon the diet, and are meta-

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before nausea or coupled beats appear, the evidence of ample

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and the respiration below 25 there will be no cause for alarm, but

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residua have been definitely and adequately organized in the

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timony to the truth. And as the author of this work was uumistakcably pointed out

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they recovered. These cases at Oporto were, we are told, rigorously

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Physical examination on admission: A young girl, very

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