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no heat under 109' can be considered surely fatal. 10. The
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recently reported by Mainzer {Deutsche med. Wochnschr. xxv. 436, 1899),
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already working, if symptomless and uncomplicated by some
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potash, and that carbonate of ammonia, taken in very large quantities, did not
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jce of the poison be found. (Handb. der Ger. Med. i. vol. 1 p 421 429 )
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and the pulp of potatoes ; but as some of the instances adduced date as tai
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regret of the profession, the Sanitary Committee re-
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two hundred and fifty cases collected by Dr. Gibson, "in which small-
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Treatment. — This consists in applying agents to arrest and destroy
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mercury I enter my strenuous protest. I know nothing more deplorable
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anterior cliamber was of normal depth, the iris being dull and discolored but
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operation the punctures must be commenced at the lowest part of
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or is opened by the surgeon, and gives exit to a mixtiu-e of blood and pus,
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dred, all of which, of course, could not be read. The sec-
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Dr. John R. Van der Poel thought many cases of auto
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found this in 39 cases, /. e., in 55^. In other cases the
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membrane. The most usual microbes found in these cases are the strepto-
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ety," by Dr. C. H. Sheperd, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Hygiene in the
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pointed bistoury over the Galviani knife. He did not
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4. Essays on the Puerperal Fever and other diseases peculiar to
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dietetic programs may identify possible problems or
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