Stephen Andrews' Crash Pictures, Friday 10th November, 2006

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These pictures were captured on a Konika-Minolta Dimage Z5 digital camera.

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Stephen had an exciting time today while Helen was at work. He was in the garage when he heard the screech of tyres and looked around, expecting it to be a near miss on the nearby t-junction. What he actually saw was a black car coming along our street sideways. It mounted the pavement and just missed a tree and then bounced off a fence, taking some of the fence with it. It kept going, and was followed by two aggreived motorists with whom it had already collided. It turned up a side street and the motorists kept the young driver in the car until the Police arrived 25 minutes later.


The rear view of the car doesn't look all that spectacular, but take a look at the object sticking up between the aerial and the triangular roadworks sign.


That is pieces of fence across the windscreen, along with a piece of bumper. Even this picture doesn't really show the full seriousness of what happened.


Take a look at these two pictures to get the full impact of exactly where the fence ended up. Note the tear across the head restraint. The young licenced but uninsured driver must have been better at ducking than he was at driving.


Here are some more side-on views of the fencepost that could easily have killed the driver.





Here are some more views showing the damage to the car.






More horrific pictures of the fencepost poked through the windscreen.



The tyre marks on the pavement. The car came to within about an inch of leaving the pavement. If it had done so, it probably would have ploughed through the fence and ended up in someone's yard.


Not only was the young driver of this car lucky not to be killed or seriously injured, but it was only due to luck that no pedestrians were on that portion of the pavement. This could have been so much worse than just the damage which resulted to property.


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