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dictory. But it is not really so; for Dr Baxter has shown, that when an

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sayings, and injure our cause — Frea Enquirer, J. S.

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The morbid anatomy of nephritis may be the more conveniently studied

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versy which circles about the question whether the egg pre-

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those who would discuss it with credit to themselves

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used, and when injected into a rabbit it had caused the

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Sphincters. The sphincters are not affected, though in severe cases

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spasms perfectly, could control the action of the eye

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statistical records of troops serving at home, their invaliding

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mal, the enemata were well retained, and the patient

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phlegmon of the pharynx." The speaker thought that the pos-

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7. Hoen, T. I.: A method of skeletal traction for treatment of

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cause is functional disturbance, which is intimately asso-

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succeeds the reactive fever" : "' is commonly dry at the com-

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ketone bodies appeared in the urine, as evidenced by qualitative

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maLcrial within its mean^J of grasp for etiicieut li'iehc > adiQlniatratiijn." — ..V. Y. Star.

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table by his bed. The bottle was one of Power and Wightman's.

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their yards. The eruption will usually heal spontaneously in

silagra tablets side effects jpeg, .111.1 h.i. t,-i-|,,l..L:i, ,11; !■,■[>.. I l.-.l up. .11. \ii \ 1,1. 1. .,1.,, t.,L,-ii ,.,

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These are. a state of fullness and severe pain. If pus forms under

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blood to carry the oxygen to the tissues. The positive

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the spleen may be enlarged. Abdominal colic occurred in my case. So

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kneeling at the bedside will produce the same happy

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Lhe same change is observed in the spleen and kidneys— the flit around the

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Art. VII. — On the Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra hy the

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the life cycle of the parasites and to the evolution of the fever. This re-

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ing the wound his condition was so grave that an operation

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also in cases of carcinoma, and especially when the

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again), fever and great tenderness and swelling over the abdomen, which

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ment of cases characterized by the manifestations of acute inflam-

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Erythrol Tetranitrate has been advocated in high arterial tension,

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ready to yield their contents, the surrounding medium, (water,) pres-

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