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ber of anfesthetics produce irritation of the skin, and chloroform is remarkable

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two or three hours after meals, i. e., at the height of digestion. Other

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tion of those receiving free medical treatment; but it would also

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thus the functions of the heart, or the liver, or the

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or if necessary absolutel}^ prohibit, the use of alcohol, coffee, —

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moderating the violence of the symptoms. He drew from the arm of the affected side

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see both cases of undoubted and rapid success, and others in which these

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together with the depression are so intense as to resist

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erythema of the skin. In two cases in which post-mortem

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suspicion, and where they are fonnd from time to time it is evidence that

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If this method should be found impracticable, and more

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pound of cholepyrrhin and lime, which are its most important constituents, and

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soluble in alcohol, but are insoluble in water. After allowing

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Extracti Hyoscyami, aa gr. iij. Misce, fiant pilulse duse

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of the moral or affective, than of the intellectual faculties; and on

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sometimes as free from any visible congestion, and present.: a sur-

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Medicine and Honorary Membership, be pubhshed in the proceedings

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Surgery, and the Various Branches of Natural Philosophy connected with Me-

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the Wabash. Referring to the profession as he had seen it in

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ends are then tied in the bowel. This process is continued

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Treatment of valvular and organic diseases of the heart

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with any impunity whatever. A neurotic heredity is thus seen

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entitled to its name.— S«. Louis Clinical Record,

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and complications, they are the same as in any hicmorrlioidal

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a producer of the peculiar force with which it is endowed ;

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hyoscyamus, and vegetable narcotics of this type. Bromides are often

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