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repeated, but with only temporary relief. The tendency

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: the nuclei, plac< d in the presumed order of their development. 500 di.

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More Deaths from Chloroform. — The Medical Tunes mid

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porate power to supply this community with u physicians,

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La., and report by letter to the Surgeon-general of the Array for

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on the importance of such cases in reference to treatment, and to former

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symptoms that truly belong to the former, and attempted to show

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or buddings of bone from the epiphyses. In cases of involve-

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ranged on a series of cards as in figure 8, and these cards were pre-

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in old people. It may be said that loss of power in the legs, as in other

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the State, but important conditions and interests have been

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are drawn slightly downwards, and the lips and teeth apart ;

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twenty-one principal provincial Urban Districts of Ireland was

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every pint of water or thin aqueous fluid. These pro-

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this muscular pain denotes what is called the electro-muscular sensibility.

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of the internal or external iliac and femoral veins ; com-

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larial fever, so called by Texas iihysicians. Texas Cour.-

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exposed bone with relief for only thirty-six hours ; the

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puration and necrosis of the tissues are apt to occur, rather than

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done when a girl goes to the theatre or concert, and

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many with its horde of active workers is unquestion-

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dulness on both sides were found most extensi^•e, and on the 16th,

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stated how) ; and it is hoped that, with the precautions now en-

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became closely associated with the Order of the Knights Templars,

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exudation is very acute. The author has found a decrease of chlorids

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symptoms of this we need not be detained here, yet they show ,the

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dically from that adopted by a large number of general

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schools in the state were recipients again of a packet

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