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much may be said both pro and con. An interesting experiment

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castor oil and spts. terebinth. Second day after the operation, beat and

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enough to cause a rupture of the vessels ; otherwise, changes may be

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tion of cancerous tumours, the actual cautery, caustic potash,

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Emergency Needles. — This is the name which Messrs. Ferris & Co.,

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chlorid ; that no matter what local treatment is adopted,

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nective tissue. The intertubular capillaries are partly dilated,

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pea was observed in or upon the pituitary gland, but it was afterwards for-

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iS, 1883, with dementia. Had to be fed with stomach-

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suffering with mental and nervous troubles will go to them and be

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i was thick, creamy pus, while the base and inner and

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scribed thus : pain in the epigastrium, of a burning, lanci-

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Remarks. — The surgery of the kidney has of late attracted a considerable

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himself to reading the " Circular " and " Bureau," publications

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force or might thereafter be enacted by Congress. And Congress,

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sive than in the latter, yet the reaction was marked on

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spot upon the opposite side ; or, perhaps, to an analogous part of

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nutrition, cod liver oil being little more than a given food, a greatl^

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analysed, and the rationale of treatment carefully discussed.

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source and progress of the disease, speaks highly of the meas-

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opinion that some violent commotion must soon take place in the Frnch

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Also : Bull. Soc. mM. d. hop. do Par. (1883), 18^4, 153-158.-

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tissue formation, cystic dilatation of the tubules and sarcoma-

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During the tenn of my service as President, it has been

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of music, and was a member of several musical societies. At the time

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Interesting features in the clinical history of the case are

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A few hours before the completion of its forty-eight-hour cycle the contained

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was removed, when both fractures were found to be consoli-

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conditions during life within such very narrow limits that it may be called

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