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tial chill February 17, 1893, followed by pneumonia

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subdued;) then pause four days, after which the course may be

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consequent arterial contraction. As a result the blood becomes still more

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is almost peculiar to it ; the inspiratory murmur, instead of being full

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the usual stock-objection was taken to this opinion— namely, that the 'witness

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nutritive functions in the parts, which suffer more or less atrophy, and

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in certain combinations at least, notwithstanding the destruction of this

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and compression coexist ; in the vast majority, the char-

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The advantage of this form of the hypothesis is that it admits of the

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of a faint bluish tint. Wash off stain, dry and examine. The

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production of the primary splenic infection, but neither

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Health Care Access program, has her hands full. There have been approxi-

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of dulncss, ignorance, and misstatement with which we are beset,

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greatest mortality, both from pneumonia and from all causes

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make known the nature of the disease ; while we may also dis-

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she had done the wax-image trick ; the state of "sym-

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and they were not serious until the last six months of

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of permanganate of potash, the available oxygen of which is to the organic

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Dr. Richardson. In this paper is given a resume of the mor-

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Tasmania and New Zealand. By Ludwig Bruck. Reprint. 1893.

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Dr. Osler3 points out that it is rather upon the violence of this

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may decide to contact the patient's physician directly. If it

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aside from sexual impotency, which was an early symptom, was atrophy

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mined by this method of phj'sical diagnosis. Intrathoracic aneurisms of

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controlled either by isolation or by insuring the people

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