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crackers or bread and butter are taken; at one p.m., lunch or dinner;

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the sanitary authorities, who must cause their Medical Officer

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and function of the joint. Dr. Volker believes that osteoplastic resection of the

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And so on — every child about twenty- two months after the previous one, and

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of the small intestine, although death does not ordinarily occur in

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England. According to Valude, 70 gm. of the bark in the case of

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the same number of weeks as they did that of 1800. Hence 1 ' the real

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tating character, its wide range of usefulness and its freedom from every objectionable

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advise you to apply a ligature, instead of cutting high up as I

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processes. It is of semi-liquid consistency, and deep red, or when

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It is a definite chemical compound, a red neutral solution, odour-

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terially upon its due performance ; for, however well

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great tenderness. Her medical attendant in vain pressed the

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of seconds there was a pricking and burning sensation

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experiences, of the influence of heredity, occupation, and

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1842-3, suffered from pain about the knee-joint, which he supposed to be of a

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now — viz.. to establish the it>al relative frequency of the various

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remarkable case, which came under my observation recently, although

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Alphabetical Index to Braithwaite's Retrospect ; Embracing Part I. — XXXIV. 1840 — 1857

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Society at its meeting of November 25th, 1902, held its first meeting

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to the army medical doctor, the latter is somewhat unequally

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region by a faulty saddle-pressure too long kept up and

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cerebellum. In Fig. 2 — picture of the base — these spots

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names of assistants, formed a striking contrast to the

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within the left side of the pelvis. Partial reduction

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