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ItolMC ACID I'dU TllK i'l{i;s!:i{VATI(»N OF UUINK.

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13. Mayer, P.: Ztschr. f. physiol. Chem., 1900, xxix, 59.

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ii^chultze (B. S.) l)ie regelmassige Stellung des Kindes

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eleven per cent recovering, forty-four per cent improved, nineteen per cent

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spores of germs. Whether the water is distilled or ordinary water that

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Case XXV. Reporter, N. Senn.f — J. D , aet. 22, a strong, muscu-

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the disease. Cabot's average was 350,000, as compared with 438,000

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adrenal insufficiency. Sergent does not contend that

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cases initially interpreted negative were eventually

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were on the farms or engaged in the shops; 32 were being

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in the tumour at once ceased. No bleeding occurred during the operation, and

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not say anything with reference to the symptoms it gives

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25 to 50 gm. at a time. The dextrin increases the production

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Other causes, such as violent exertions in singing, speaking, or

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since demonstrated that all organized bodies, ■whether living or dead, possess

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of Boston, in his address made mention of the enrolment

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internal sphincters, with the so-called intermediate portion, make up the former.

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in the succussion splash on palpation after apparent removal of all the

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small that chemical analysis cannot discover them, can certainly

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the disease can not be controlled and the cattle owner is confronted

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bility of the monkey to experimental poliomyelitis 115

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question difficult of solution. The latter is the explanation to which

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Jofeph Banks' for the purpofe of reforming the profeflion, the fol-

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attend a person who has taken poison, if it is impossible to

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youngest to that of sporulation; yet, as we have already stated, the

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Report of the Editors of the American Journal of Insanity.

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