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A simple and efficient method of obtaining it will be

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and other, which occasionally gain entrance into the organism, tend, like

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information that Surgeon-General Sternberg has selected two medi-

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spreads as rapidly and widely as measles — if, indeed, its speed and range be

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unhealthy system. The blood contains an excess of irritants,

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enable him to conduct his business on scientific principles,

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any sleep. The pulse rose to 116, the difference in the two sides

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bent tube attached by means of a perforated cork. The open end

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liver through the natural passages; for apart altogether

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for when time shall have an end, the mountain and the sea, the costly

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the results were almost equally favorable. An acorn-

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in their different forms. Prophylaxis is easy and ought never be neg-

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get a patent right for the separation of sulphate of quinine from bark as a

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the prospect of this opening was good, and any abdom-

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men's backs, who were plied with brandy ad libitum.

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can be learned within a week so that we fall asleep

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taken out, studied, and taken apart. The hands accomplished more

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unattended by distinctive symptoms. Pseudo-membranous gastritis is usually

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worthy — his work is really excellent reading — but how many will

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tion comes in, and your digestion is interrupted. In

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Revue dc midccinc, 1884, p. 864.— 61. Ibid. p. 855.-62. Ross. On Aphasia, 1887,

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rated, or rather set free, in the combustion of blood, was an

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32. Straub and Schlayer : Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1912, lix, 569.

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creased range of motion; it is important, however, to

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1 Transactions of the Pathological Society of London. Vol. xxvi. 1875.

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of poliomyelitis, and the clinical signs are also confusing. The Was-

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diseases which in nine cases out of ten the children would take

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companied by but trifling evidences of general infection, while, on the other

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fully examined in every case of epilepsy where asthe-

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