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HCl, which was first described by F. A. Hoflman in 1889. The

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Recovered cases (from 10 to 48 days after normal temperature) 17

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highly educated during this particular period of life

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elevated, the vagina and neck are thoroughly cleansed wdth

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Furthermore, the author refers, in his consideration of

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be rare in the Northern parts of Europe (Huss) ; but from the

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brain and lying next to the inner surface of the skull is a firm

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syphilis and gonorrhoea by contact with foul bed linen, or with

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You are aware Liebig once advanced the view that in the

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Eaton, Wilts. Finally completed for publication, and with an

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uterin et pelvi-p6ritonite; jieritonite suppur6e; raort;

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nunziata 137 deaths occurred in 234 cases. From the

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a like result. If these observations are supported by other testimony,

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before the time when antisepsis and asepsis were as much in vogue as they

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nephelometric methods for their estimation ; J. T. W. Marshall, H. W.

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Dr. Sutherland considers that, in cases of cyclic albuminuria,

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of certain morbid feelings in a part, the probability is that he hns

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Comparing the percentage of tap water intake to the total

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mobiiiy, 8°. New Yoilv, |18731 7-9 — Giinn ( R. M.)

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narv temperature they are readily converted into vapour.

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in the last hours of pregnancy, was sitting in com-

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idea, that a distinction should be made in our .i-eport between

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recollect correctly, there were 21 operations in which

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