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4th. By version the small end of the cranial wedge, viz., the unyield-

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a^ain converted into nitrogen tetroxide. The formula is this :

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in bv thrombosed vessels autointoxicate and die as do the

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passed into the unaffected portions of the skin. Such

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to prepare for infants a food which will resemble as

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The point made was that pediatrists in seeking an easily digested

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formerly recognized by Cornet in his exj)eriments, but not sufficiently

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11. Weismann HF, Bush DE, Mannis JA, et al: Global cardiac

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Allgemeinen wiener m^edicinischen Zeitung. AYien, bei

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Case II. — June Gth. — A. Z., eighteen years old, has had a

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is anionu" those of mental character, or nuiscular i)ower.

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Yadkin County Health Department — l>r. V. F. Couch 79

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•teacher will be read with interest by physiologists :

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hut with difficulty ; stating that it is still', ami that lie has nut so great command over

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literal and figurative sense." In the meetings of the Aberdeen

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beneficiaries rather than by Highland as the provider.

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to remove the fragment, but without success. At his sug-

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country the number of births annually to each 100 inhabitants

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Consumption is usually a mixed infection and an oxytoxin made from sputa

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of special benefit from the lectures — so little were the great

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High risk is defined as persons over 65 years of age or

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for it is possible that in some of these cases at least the bruit has been low and

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location of the lesions for the veins at the base of the tongue

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the usual stock-objection was taken to this opinion— namely, that the 'witness

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This disease is due to a spasm of the glottis and neighboring

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to 2000 is often of use. Boracic acid irrigation frequently gives relief;

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