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that a person with whom we are conversing may give an expression to a

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some happy accident to tumble on a great discovery ?

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quantity of loose cellular tissue exists, and on both sides the fibres

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several months, gradually declining in strength; and finally, the symptoms

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are placed too low. In wheeling there are a greater va-

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often, by the movements of the diaphragm in respiration ; and this

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erted upon them by the desquamated epithelium and the hemorrhagic effusions.

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deavored to overcome this difficulty by preparing a solution containing picric acid

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door to one of them. The remarkable increase in new cases of pel-

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scaly layer is usually tibin. Not unfirequently cracks form in the infil-

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of malarial infection in some of the islands, provinces and towns of the

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subject ot searching tor the missile. If it should be dis

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appearances and the vital phenomena of the disease. It is obvious that

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bowels, which soon passed away. He showed at the time, however, slight

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which organizes around them is certain ; for, if they did not, they would,

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medical school. "One sort of laboratory may as well be borrowed as another.

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rapidity and to such an appalling degree that the utmost limit of human

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both arms are fully affected, and then extension takes place to the

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In a case in which a permanent artificial opening becomes necessary, it

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restoration of the glomerular function takes place. In the produrtirr rariity

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quelque chose de hien doit etre la seule rieompense dea tnven-

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operations in fracture cases will be more frequently performed

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in the hepatic cells and then in the lymphatic vessels which take their

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bebing 19 enclicica 20 profapia • non abfint • unacenuf* milicie*

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vented by himself called a pnenmatoscope. It consists of

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