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Surgeon F. Anderson, ordered to the Naval Dispensary, Wash-
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viscera are then brought together. Pressure atrophy
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Pain, distress, fatigue, mental depression, feebleness of will
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as much of it as has been indicated by the author of the paper.
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As we can do no better in a short space, let us look at
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same period of time, the fatality among the unvaccinated, it
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thology, and dietetics. If a student allows four years to
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and caused by congestion of the lungs. Dr. Eeid had
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Lancinating pains in the limbs and loins one year after ; although
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in order to ascertain the true therapeutic value of each drug, by
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been rapid. In this respect, however, the epidemics show a great diver-
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craft or necromancy, and had suffered imprisonment on this
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successive beakers of peptone water and spread upon blood-agar
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pres nee or absence of the external signs of virginity. The
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ject, he unconsciously commends his observations the
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and hyaline degeneration of the muscle fibres, and loss of their contractile
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days of dialogue and activities with some of the state’s top
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pound tubules or acini of the pancreas, the simple tubules of
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early exploratory laparotomy we have the key to improvement in the
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fiirst or second cervical vertebra caused a pain which shot forwards from the
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fications as it passes from the bronchial tubes into the
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ferent parts of the nervous system, stimulating or perverting some, and
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last division of cases : in which the anus is imper-
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given a very complete account of the manner in which the organs of
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preponderance of symptoms in any one region, usually acute in character,
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* Dr. Hinde's instrument was made by Mr. R. M. Johnson, manufacturing jeweler.
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vessels of the cord, etc. Any lines of force either from ex-
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exercising every joint in the body which may be needed,

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