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The appetite was craving in one patient ; unaffected in four ;
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obstructed and stopped by the formation of successive
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perfectly well, and is very efficacious; but I think Iwo pieces are
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and two sisters, still living and unaffected. Her mother and maternal uncle
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processes. It is of semi-liquid consistency, and deep red, or when
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ably to the practice already pointed out. This part, it may be added, it
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and Hamilton County Medical Society ; member and ex-President
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copaiba, turpentine, salicylates, carbolic acid, resorcin, lead, copper,
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eflSciency of the acetone-ether method as compared with simple dehy;
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112. She was given another high rectal injection of bovin-
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I. G. JONES, M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine.
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recognized limits of the best therapeutic management of a
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and most accurate : he also gives ReinscVs test, although he
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creased range of motion; it is important, however, to
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unknown by which the cures do and must take place."
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Put two quarts of water into a stewpan, then take four potatoes,
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terorrhaphy for incised and gunshot wounds] have already
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cent., while in 21G9 cases of varioloid only 1.29 per cent. died. During the
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tion of the contents of the uterus. If any general rule
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as, for instance, when he deals with the pathology of
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cases contains albumen (Squire *), and the quantity of urea is increased
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to the cultivation of science, including medicine and surgery.
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Bellevue Hospital. The legs felt "dead" to him, and no jerking was pres-
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srHEiDKR. Berlin, klin. Woch. 1892, Bd. xxix. pp. 64, 100, 122, 144, 168. 73.
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first, with preliminary remarks and a review of litera-

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