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the face. The surface of the tumors presented a number of
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of iodine injected in exudations, inasmuch as, by exciting inflamma-
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Decomposed by sulphuric acid into glucose and strophan-
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After a trial of what I will call the systematic treatment
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The same solution may be used on the parts with a sponge
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but not again for several days for fear of producing sloughs. Of
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keep the Navy more nearly on a war footing than the
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is thin and the bone is of soft structure, which explains the fre-
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person — for example, saliva, sweat, tears, milk,
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whilst, on the other hand, certain cases of amaurosis, paralysis,
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liad actually been hatched after being taken from the
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We see the same physical stigmata in one case associated with soundness and
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nine of one hundred cases. The intubation was discon-
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ported patient had dilatation of the heart with irregu-
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the decomposition of animal matter under certain conditions. It is
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Patient lived ten days. On exammation, " fracture with depression
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and the parasites are set firee in the cavity of the
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tific men and all people interested in the progress of humanity grieved for
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may be, suffice to establish the hereditary nature of the affection.
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Palsy is caused by injuries or affections of the brain,
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treatment that patient, not physician, theoretically becomes
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in any form ; such as acute or chronic inflammation, jaundice in its worst stages, dyspep-
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depression of their mental and physical energies, will, by reducing the
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admitting the entire hand. Blood poured through the rent, and as
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friends who helped him, and the most valuable help was that
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It furnishes the progressive physician with an invaluable means
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necessity of making a careful inquiry into the claims of

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