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ber of patients who complained of nose troubles had
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The idea of pressure on some of the important organs
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then chiefly in the lymph glands, skin, pancreas, thy-
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benefit ; and the cure of hypertrophy of the heart does not
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to show the beneficial results, but are taken from my record book just as they
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way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else.— Ruskin.
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the head of an ordinary tape-worm. A single large ccenurus may
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It is a definite chemical compound, a red neutral solution, odour-
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demands that the examination and description of diseases of
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3. If the disease exists in both eyes, but with useful
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be used in conjunction with common-sense. Burn all the
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We test the quantitative electric irritability of a nerve or of a
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limited abdominal rigidity. In such cases as these diagnosis is not
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tiisease. This theory constitutes the essential peculiarity of the
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3. The author's method of compressing the cord is by means of forc-
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known even in recent years. Thus, the famous "beer epidemic" of
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significance and importance. No new fact of experience or ex-
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neuralgia they are generally confined to one side ; by the tenderness being
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over a large area, it is called impetigo /ywrafo, and impetigo gparta.
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found in the bronchi of children far more frequently than is generally
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other that a light applied at one edge would ignite the whole train. This is
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congenital malformation, and if such malformation is extreme,
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It follows that most cases seen in hospital are best dealt
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only as a broad-minded surgeon, but also as a great teacher of
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the liquid, is found on the right side of the sternum after recovery from
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of swabs, from the "pocket," if any were present. Several culture
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3rd. The presence of formication, which was most distressing, and
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fired every day in summer and occasionally in winter.
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Although not involving immediate danger to life, rheumatoid arthritis
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that period and up to his death, thirteen years af terwaras, tin*

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