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her present labors, where there is always so much to

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organs which putrefy early were already affected. The eyes, of

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clei and basic staining cytoplasm; mitoses frequent.

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spread with a brush over the whole surface of the tumor, and left to

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Chicago University, spent three months in Berlin and will open an office

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ries, and even of such, very few deserve serious attention, being, for the

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temperature being about the same in each axilla after the

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ment, he asserts that the insanity rate in the Philippine Army in

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rise of his temperature, and loss of weight. In July, 1909, he

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really more frequent than when blood is effused into the interior of one of the

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Uses External. — Lead acetate is useful in the treatment

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some preparation of digitalis must be used for a considerable

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Rates expressed as admissions per 1,000 average strength per day

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vations happening to myself in connection with this ailment, as

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3. Applicator for cavities, long enough to reach stomach; double alumina capsule, for grading

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alreacfy received confirmation that our speakers will include

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valuable. In the case of Carlson vs. Benton, the Supreme

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complains of occipital pain, or pain referred to the back of the orbits ;

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with chromatolysis. The cord is similarly affected, but to a

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management; but, in connection with the Infants* Hospi-

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Examining board: President, Capt. Albert Kramer, S. C. C. S. Edmund

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Address all communications concerning the journal to Minnesota Medicine, 2642 University

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should be removed and the case treated as one of artificial anus.

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For the greater accommodation of the Class, a room is provided in the bouse of one of the inatnicC-

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causing the patient to inhale steam. In order that these inhalations may

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An article with the above heading recently appeared in Charities

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received a superior Service Honor Award. Three summer students,

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in puerperal septicaemia it is simply one factor, and not the

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