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exception of the vertebral arteries, compressed and then obstructed.

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her ankles and legs, not extending to the thighs. The

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read Dr. John Goodman's (of Louisville, Ky.) paper on

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period began. No posterior lobe extract was given. The diuresis was

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same virus, sufficient in amount to inoculate with small-pox

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pressure should be exercised on ditferent points till the position most

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as follows: Am. schr. " E. P. Church," for Key West;

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are placed too low. In wheeling there are a greater va-

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through this hard scar much more easily than through the

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Conncil and those who opposed them felt that the general meet-

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bination of erysipelas with typhus and typhoid is matter of familiar

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146 *Treatment of Acute Peritonitis. Byron Robinson.

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with one generation of any of the malarial plasmodia will always result in

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which the idea was broached and received means that it will be

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"Nothing ever can, or will inspire mankind with an absolute confi-

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A physician’s decision on malpractice insurance may be

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metropia, myopia and astigmatism were influenced in

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reading the two cases given by Mr. Clay, of Manchester, and the one

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a conscientious O.M.O. Of course many other duties fall to the

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hairy trunk and little clusters of white berries; "poison sumac" is

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spasm after death : and this may become at some future time, a point upon

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salts, and water. As it is usually consumed in the raw state and as

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they present a similar modification of the blood; the

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tures, and in many instances the methods given represent his

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discernment and the highest skill, and formed the consummate

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