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er Oil; Cod Liiver Oil with Iodide of Iron [half ^r. Iodide of Iron] ; Castor Oil
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Report of committee of counsellors on the epidemic, com-
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Of the thread- operation for extreme divergent squint,
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volvement of the lymphatic networks : that the budding or sprouting
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own composition on the plain deal coffins, till the Eonian Catholic
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the alimentary canal below the insertion of the duct in contact
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pulsory vaccination should be restricted to school communities in
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convex lens interposed in the path of a parallel beam of light brings the
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tion, provided always that we can trust ourselves and our assistants to
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ยง1. We do not expect, by this communication, to alter the opinions or
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If the hypertrophy approaches nearer to its full develop-
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Decoque ad semissem, et cola. Liquori colato adde mellis, q. s. ad
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ficial fertilization of the flowers. As soon, then, as the sex of the
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and chemical facts of the case clearly proved that the mother could not Have
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call on him to explain to us in his own way something about this bill.
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Fevers of inflammatory character are more common in
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shown on the right. You will note that there are fewer
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infecting bacteria had passed into the circulation. A chill
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though containing a considerable amount of information, and too often
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convolution, and gave us the area above referred to as the
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preventive intervention. Table 2 shows a comparison of the
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the vomiting, the pulse and respiration, and the general
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stopped. In the middle of the day he resumed the medicine in
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presented the appearance of being plugged at several points, were retained
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cations of the electric current were made at intervals of one
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causing the patient to inhale steam. In order that these inhalations may
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citation ; you must then return to tempered douches.

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