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originally built up from the substances under consideration, we are

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available data from which he may gather information is immense,

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the chanuc which took place in the projection as due

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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The first stage, or that of ex-

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mental strain. Every source of bronchial irritation should be carefully

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vomiting and severe cerebral .symptoms occur in typhoid

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defecation and lasted for several hours. A distinct lump or

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studies have shown that high protein intake favors calcium

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quinine, iron, and strychnia, and belladonna and opium appli-

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bridged account of some of the most important of these obser-

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neurasthenia, etc., while other more serious cases carry

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noted, the patient is considered a possible Cl candi-

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the oedema of the feet diminished sensibly, hut the formation of new

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phenomenon in gestation which is desig- physiological distinctions, or etymologi-

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full habited, and if the iron produces any constipa-

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for St. Bartholomew's Hospital at Rochester. The hos-

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and little need be said in regard to the volume be-

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and Cancer Hospital, Member of the American Association for

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and nausea. Intestinal action is likewise frequently altered. Colique

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Robert B. Shapiro, MD, delivering Socioeconomic Reference Committee's

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to the chest are wanting, if there be only laryngeal spasm.

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The general condition is one of moderate prostration, although fre-

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information regarding the process and quality of care

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sue of the mucous membrane, but it is especially invaded and trans-

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