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hanna, and those on the Delaware smaller proportions of
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tubercle, and his tracing it through all its stages, from its
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escapes into the urine, sometimes in enormous quantities, together
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felt ; the foot seems to* rest on wool, soft sand, or on a bladder filled
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Fibrinogen. — Hemorrhage increased the fibrinogen in
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Volkmann made an analysis of two hundred and fifty cases
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uneventful The patient left the hospital on August 2 with the wound
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across the medial line, towards the right or healthy side.
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"'■'"'■'"'"I "' >!'<■ ,-li'-u -i.'iiii li.i- n,,i 1,,-ni liiu. mill. ;. : ii ni.n .;!ii,.r
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years. The treatment is first prophylactic. The patient should
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A knowledge, therefore, of ticks, biting flies, and other insects is
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ment, with which substance Morton, in his 'Pyretologia,' long ago compared
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by it are psychic and due to suggestion. Having been
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nutrition averages 13 per cent., the calorifacient, or the cream
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Lebert observed a tumor 12 cm. long and nearly as wide, and Eppinger,*
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mated in the last No. of the Journal, a report is current that the professors have resigned, and the
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examination of such children as may present manifestations
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rested in the thickness of their walls, and very rarely indeed, if ever, remains
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> Bead before the Atlantic Academy of Medicine, Friday, September 8, 1899.
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Number 20 in its Scope Note Series, which provides a brief essay discussing the background of the debate and
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In five of the six cases of diabetes shown in Table 10 the air and
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carried on persistently for many months. It will prove a relief to
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hundred and fifty cases ; and the writer feels safe in
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apparatus is necessary, consisting of a mask fitting closely to the face by a
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Acad. roy. de m6d. de Belg., Brux., 1893, 4. s., vii, 723-
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ture could not be imagined. Appetite was poor, bowels

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