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Where all this occurred was not stated. And M, Brown-Séquard
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work upon the subject, but I do not know what conclusions he
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ferent parts of the nervous system, stimulating or perverting some, and
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rungszwecken. Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Bfrl.,
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fibres affected in the first process. The posterior nerve roots may appear
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be performed every second, third, or fourth day, according to the
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tribunal, which is composed of some of the best men in the country.
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tic speech to bo the only well-marked symptom, and to be fol-
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not very resistant to antiseptic influences and so there
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theria, and that preventive measures will be more effective
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with effervescence, and blue litmus-paper dipped into it
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tion, and more particularly the necessity of absolute cleanli-
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to them. Of the latter a good instance might be found in the
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her present labors, where there is always so much to
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practically no involvement of the bone itself. Simple peri-
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thing very new. The fact is, however, that Dr. Freire
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till' uso of a solution of borax and boric acid to prevent tlie for-
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The mucous membrane also, of the broncho-respii*atory sys-
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To sustain the idea of the non-specific nature of the disease, he seemed
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invertin occurred inconstantly in the cholera spirillum and spi-
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reaching 75 or over per minute. Cyanosis is usually marked. Septi-
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Dr. Schleich claims that this process of anesthesia is
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gray in color externally, the capsule being, as a rule,
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of disease, but also with the question of the remedial measures
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dealt with by lectures and practical demonstrations of such unscientific
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good, of full density, and showing excellent detail.
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Medicine than ever before. The software enhancements
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brilliant French and laborious German scientific observers, whose
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to use, and consists of 15 parts of betanaphthol, 10 parts of precipi-

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