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glands may be enlarged from simple adenitis, or from cancerous infil-
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obliged to attend speedily to the desire to evacuate the
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duct or to that of the gastrointestinal tract. This
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a broad l)and of dense organized adhesions crossing
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the head occurred about once in three minutes ; sub-
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Thomas : Pittsburg Medical Review, September, 1894,
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water three ounces, tincture of capsicum fifteen dropSw
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not believe it. A big death-rate that could be traced
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extensive laceration of the soft parts over the scapula, and
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vote for any Candidate for Office at the Annual General Meeting, nor can the
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The above is an imperfect outline of the treatment neces-
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latent, the child of this individual is hereditarily
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were distended with blood, and had then proceeded to o\)eu the collection of
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“Walking becomes so automatic, it frees the mind.” That’s what the runner’s high is.
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As I have already stated, the middle of the nineteenth
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better, she went to Canada. From thence she returned four months ago, and feeling
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varying phenomena of the healthy organism are reduced to a regular and
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about in an opposite way. This is as true, and as influential in results, as
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ticaria, pyrosis, indigestion of drunkards, general symptoms
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the same length. On the second and third days the injured limb was
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on various other occasions, to reprobate the use of the term
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only for a short period of time. This may be done by sponging,
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articles or diet given below to agree with the babe, keep to it.
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the schools that are most needy in respect to material conditions.

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