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ease are a scanty secretion, which is highly albuminous,

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junctival injections of corrosive sublimate, commending

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Fractures of some long bones. Med. Age, Detroit, 1897,

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adhesive plaister. If you find an ulcer become very irritable, you may

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ITith next. I'ar. 2, S. (). !(, lieadfpiarters htpnrlmcnt of

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crushed cranberries kept in contact with diseased surface

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was less contagious by virtue of this, and in my judgment if there

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evaporation. Let the decoction settle, and di'aw off the

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most fortunateh' saved by our Secretary, Sir John MacAlister,

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may be safely administered to dogs that have previ-

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•ospeeially at night; but these gradually decreased in severity

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that the opinions of Hunter, Adams, and King are correct a physiological

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on the second day, 300 mg. With oleic acid the acetone

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inner surface of the occipital lobe. It seems quite prol>ab]e, however,

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choice of the gases and bichlorid of mercury (1-1,000) being the most

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relation between the various muscles of the body and the various segments

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well to inquire after any family history of gout, rheumatism,

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this way the interest which always attaches to detailed narrative is in great

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fect. The anus was wholly warning ; upon the most minute examination

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he has taken in band — the exact nature of the evil

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in different epidemics, and even in the same one, is, for the most part, the direct

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Treatment. — Twenty-one positive electro-cauterizations, varying

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perhaps, even facilitates the return of air through the pharynx. A

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ities have licensed many to operate hospitals. Ours

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tors maintain that there is no essential difference in this respect.

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was the same as Ellinger's method. He finally titrated a red solution

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bowel never leaked, and cutaneous union was com[)lete in a

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