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flow for nearly two weeks. She thinks there has been "an
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tainly never did so in any of my cases. Save in exceptional cases, it
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throat, ear and kidneys, which occur with such frequency
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the results of his experiments disproved the theory
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many physicians have adopted a mask or plaster for the face, of different
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made of the return flow being entirely dependent upon
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between the apex of the heart and base of the ventricles. There was no
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diet may furnish too much urea, cause constipation, and
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ment of knowledge in all branches of science has been so rapid
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recent contributions to the fund for the International
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two instances we have witnessed, vomiting was almost the initial
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A single human remove ?««// lie sy|)hilitic. And virus
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It was in this branch of science that the great Lisfranc won his real lau-
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cavity present in lh(> pelvis was thoroughly irrigated. After the
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action and insures a more complete utilization ; it is applicable
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the last 10 years, is contained in a recent treatise on typhoid fever by Gay. 21
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the history of a case where an illegitimate child was born
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here as elsewhere; thus, late operations show an in-
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tic poisoning, without yet the knowledge of how to obviate
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4 Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1908, p. 91, and Proceedings of the. Patho-
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first part of the large vessels, within the pericardium.
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his own, and it is as idle to ask the origin of a snail or
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ject was so often brought into his conversation and speeches that
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rents are living, and in good health. He is the eldest
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to be almost absent, except perhaps at the start of the

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