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within the left side of the pelvis. Partial reduction
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assuming the elongated shape, then join each other — end to end — and
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ently of the diphtheroidal bacillus found elsewhere. There was no tissue
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fathers are visited upon the children." It is true,
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With many new medicines. Edited by Joseph Carson, M. D. With ninety-eight illustrations.
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cancers. The naked-eye and microscopical characters of the spher-
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substance was present in the latter. Retzius and Purkinje have,
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vesicle cavities. The older view that bronchial inflammation ended with
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The hemorrhage having been arrested, I will replace
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attack. The arthritic phenomena usually appear suddenly in the
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it had not received this mark of professional appro-
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taioed an impression of things, which seemed to be through the medium
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I would rather bleed if it were even experimentally, and carry this
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part of the valvular apparatus is either torn or worn.
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generall3' siiflSce for determining whether an aortic direct murmur Ixj or-
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in which the biceps of the left arm and the right vastus internus were involved
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in Galveston, Texas, last month. They were; “Physical
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Sir, — The letter from Dr. Tweedie in your last num-
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it. If, however, they have just taken their morphia or are assured of
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to be performed, and this he had found to be the ideal
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' Sepulchretum ' of Bonetus, besides alluding prospectively to another case
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Medical Association ; T. J. Bennett, M.D., President
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that the two drugs administered in convulsive doses
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agencies through which physicians render the public
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being slight, in others reduced by one-third, in two instances to one-half. 'We
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Adjust the weight so that it will be exerted in the direction of the

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