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'•In one other case, within a few weeks past, and of
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white colour ; and both surfaces are slightly concave. Athwart
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the essay of Dr. Mover the more as he had practically taken part in the
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in cases of pr(^essive organic disease) maintained that
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OccA.sioNALi.Y a couvlvial individual finds himself — or is
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But perhaps some one will say — what is the treatment recommended
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102° I did do what I thought to be a careful and thorough curcttemcut, and found
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ing is slow and stertorous ; the pulse slow and full. The skin is occasionalSj
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pipes extending to all parts of the vessel, connected to fans operated
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of the first form. In all these forms the ^^scess Previous to operation 4 drams of
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firm the erroneous interpretation of the original tumours as gummatous.
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softened patch and bring, with them special symptoms. It follows on the
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surface of this organ is covered with fine, stiff, filiform papilhe.
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an animal to perform some function would develop variations in its
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weeks. We have just mentioned a case where the relief was permanent.
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the wounding of important veins, and in some of the cutting operations in the
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and fourth ventricles ensures that the flow of fluid from the lateral
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blance of syringomyelia to hereditary ataxia is manifest, but the sensory
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of superficial veins. Let us see what we can learn then from Group
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To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
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The resemblance to ulcer with tumor-like thickening and to xdnis carcinomato-
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next morning the patient was much prostrated ; he had coughed up
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experience. E.xpert in Bacteriology, Clinical Diagnosis,
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upon which this mode of treatment was based, and which
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her in labor. As I entered the room, she told me tlie child
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and learned to suffer as profoundly as that one had always
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among meu"' — waa,as already stated, the son of Hca,to
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suggestion of Gottwalt 31 that the relative increase of globulin in

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