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as if by explosion." A period of maniacal excitement

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it may be due to thrombosis secondary to chronic disease

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iiad already expressed their great desire to have those portions of the

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ataxia, as Dr. Bullitt has stated. This has not been simply a lapse ;

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absolute prevention of people predisposed to consumption to

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of the catheter becoming blocked is almost entirely

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lar membrane, in the midst of which the head of the displaced

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In diabetes mellitus shedding of the nails has been observed, and this

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about. If a calculus be felt embedded in the head of

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Case 2 . — The patient first registered at the clinic on

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attached to the longer piece of glass tubing, and to the other is

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These effects cannot be attributed to any reflex action. Complete anesthesia, which hin-

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ling both character and life-processes, and what dis-

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peristaltic areas, i.e., constricting the vessels to muscles and

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character which appears to have been less prominently regarded, perhaps,

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much more frequently affected with the hHemorrhoidal dis-

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common to barbarous races, and even go so far as to illustrate this

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Ball for Roaring. The cough ball, No. 12, may be tried ; and

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prints, and the offer of gratuitous service, are alike

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tional, and more or less constipation is the rule. Pain and disorders

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56. Viertoljahrschrift fiir die praktische Heilkundo, herausgegebcn vol.

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ever we start and our new Captain Becker assumes the duties of guiding us through

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it would be useless at this late date to suggest the adoption of

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