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habits and has the advantage that it can be used in
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Dr. J. M. Taylor reported a series of unusual cases : 1.
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relating thereto and growing out of that event, which have
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"• And also the Duihamites or Dutch Doctors, and Radical faculty,
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but exceptional cases. The opposite view, which I emphatically endorse, is
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ing of a medium-sized healthy guineapig with Koch's TR
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alternated with beef-juice — not beefwater. A suitable
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will be found the best digested account of Typhus Syncopalis, that is to
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curette upon the proliferating mucous membrane of the bladder,
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There can be no doubt that recent studies on micro-
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erative period would provide satisfactory analgesia
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in our employ. He had spoken u])on the subject to the repre-
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this new mode of action, the nerve may be compared to a Voltaic pile, and the transverse
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after three suspensions. The sexual power, which was
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conveniences. Completely equipped. Modern pathological, bacteriological and x-ray laboratories.
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Mich., Dr. Roswell Park, of Buffalo, N. Y. 2. " Report
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invaded the city, and, although for the present only a
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turbed bodily liealtli and long retain that loving gen-
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good service. Hort succeeded in one such in giving relief with 8
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Typhus Fbveb. — E. Gotschlich^ has observed in the blood of
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gung der pathologischen Verhiiltnisse. Fiir Studirende und
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even in apparently strong diabetics, and those with-

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