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spiratory centre causes increased respiration. This
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author believes that it is not possible to predicate the shape or
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The amount of variation shown by a particular group of variates
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also remembered that his patients provided the ideas for
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are more marked upon the skin when it is wet than when dry,
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diac function, hypertension, orother conditions predisposing to fluid retention. CLINORIL may allow a
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Art. Tin. — On the Uses of the Eustachian Valve. By R. PiANDOLPH,
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below the inferior edge of the great pectoral muscle ; the whole
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we are here, and if wise will make ourselves as comfortable as
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the list as given by the Year-book is that the gifts, with one
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the atomic and molecular construction of a body, to determine
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which, although not immediately dangerous, diminish the duration of life.
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The President of this Association desires to offer, as a prize, a com-
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the last few years, that the unhappy political circumstances erf
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themselves. He then asked for nominations for Chairman
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pheral. The explanation of this difference, as already stated, is, that, in
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so freely, after being removed by washing ; but the final result
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increases the frequency of carcinomas of the breast, cervix, vagina, and liver. There are now reports that
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opinion expressed by Traube, who saw the first case in consultation, namely, that the dis-
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mouth parts of the parasite. The worm does not remain fastened
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leave to quote, here, some part of a clinical lecture delivered by
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to write my lasj tribute to him on r ths ]:ages of the Southern California Prac-
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I wish at this time to express gratitude to Lieut. Colonel Cabot under
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and Gynfficologists (second day) ; American Dermatological
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the smell and flavor until it was removed. It is possible that this
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Internists in the Proper Development of Gastric Surgery, H. W. Bettmann,
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reflecting bodies, at moderate distances, and with equal illu-
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of medicine by such methods with profit must come to them with his
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improvement haemorrhages will occur, and that, even after leoovcij

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