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The safe and eflectnal practice of etherization, a discovery first made in Boston, and

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blocking the blood supply with microscopic particles (to

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kidneys have a characteristic deep-red and opaque appear-

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wina. — Attacked, 8,582; recovered, 4,116; died, 4,305;

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character, often seven or eight days suffice for a cure. If,

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The sum seemed a large one. It was larger than had ever

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1981. Medical education, University of Arkansas for

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already been attempted three times on this child without

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be developed into a higher sphere of usefulness and even

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probably feed themselves on the substance of less im-

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terior root-zones of Charcot and his pupils, funiculus cuneatus, postero-external column

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vetch seeds in water. They are supposed to acquire the disease either

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tempts to decompose tannin by an extract of the mycelium were

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facilities, no additional incinerators should be constructed.

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Average nystagmus — turning to right, 25x*5%; turning to left, 25 1^5^ seconds.

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horses receiA-e steadily increasing doses, the rapidity of the increase

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you today. What did he tell you?” “Really not very much,”

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365; 382. — Tooth (H.) Case of enteric fever, with pul-

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without preparation, and is found dead or is amissing, its death is owing to the

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general pleuritic adhesion, the right contained about

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Definition. — A precipitated urinary concretion found in

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mitted to point to the observations of Prommann and Orandry^ made on nerve fibres and gan-

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operated at once, at about i a.m. The injury was on

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immediate fatal effects, that are the result of great

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