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be successful in these cases: — First, the lung cannot expand, being
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anesthetizer should depend upon no single danger signal.
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Tuesday afternoon, having stood in the freezers since the
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of its deficiencies. The lairage of animals is likely
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with the circulation of the blood. The only available treatment that
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is corrected. When the uterus is replaced in the normal ante verted
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intestines. It was impossible to expose to view the
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5. The Removal of the Lens in Cases of High Myopia.
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ence, and that each human being enjoyed or forfeited
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syrup, and mix well together. Dose, one to two teaspoonfuls.
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a physician should preferably regulate his course in accordance
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recorded, which became more normal in five days. In October
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In regard to the treatment of these tumors by radi-
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Shall quarantine officers and health officers anywhere be too much
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page 383) to consider and report upon the advisability of arranging the
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sloughing of the exposed surface, or of the surrounding integument.
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the heart. The Rontgen ray revealed a very high position
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an unworthy member of the medical profession who does not in his
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influence of men of prominence, of rwisdom, and of capacit>' that
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which we could have transacted the business of the House of Dele-
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has not been able to do so. At times he fears to move because of the pain.
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iiii-i-ptic be brokcM! up. then the whole n.iture of the intectioil and its
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Herbert Mooney, Jr., MD., Longmont, watches as Boulder
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C., aged nineteen years, of full, robust habit, light complexion, blue eyes,
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practice in particular, short of marked facts. It was his peculiar char-
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those of the latter have been still more rapidly diminishing, till at the pre-

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