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preparatory to the operation of turning. On introducing my hand for

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a feeling of weight and dragging when walking about.

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The railways have promised a single fare return rate on the

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1)k. Wihtk iciiiarkctl tluit Cooper did not ro<,'nrd

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shrewdest politicians, and business men. It affects ten

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area, extending into the right flank ; very few peristaltic

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I was blind, and then took to my Bed. I had no Fire allowed in my

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after which a brief business session was held, the report of the

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my remembrance of the Pathological Institute of Vienna,

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balls of different weight placed in his left hand. As the loss of muscular

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more dangerous because its application was instantane-

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after inoculation. Autopsy showed typical hoj? cholera l(;sions, the colon and

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no doubt as to the reality of the disease. A good light,

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the disease occurred in large groups, either in an institution such as a

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Menniger Clinic. Ramada Inn Tower Plaza, Topeka, KS.

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been selected to present the subject of " Chronic Catarrh of the Middle

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lined internally by an adenomatous growth, in all respects re-

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experiment-:, he found i-ts accuracy exceed his exjieciations.

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lodging in the branches of the coronary arteries in connection with septicemia,

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recently come under my notice, one of which suggested, I believe, a new use

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:ircumstances were — 1st. That the relatives of the deceased swore that the

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to adjust our diagnoses to the classical symptoms which

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tish and bis skin cool. Tbe perspiration did not appear to be materially

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Grosse had a custom in many mild, as well as some severe

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combined with or masked by other processes, can there be any

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character the movements of the limbs retain for an indefinite period.

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them of utter ruin, — for when the glamour of the war

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philosophy and faith of the Knst, it would have saved her many a

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famous men, who are nearly all willing to do post-graduate

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