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of the treatment, based on the affirmation, is as straight as it
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a perfect recovery. Dr. Keen has recenti}' reported a
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rupture during pregnancy was invariably due to inter-
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and lantern slides. — Mr. Maylard showed — (1) Specimens removed by
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it in the dry variety of eczema. People who labor out of doors during
tively to the cavity containing it that it floats suspended in
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that in the milder cases, or during convalescence, the
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pathogenesis consists of 781 symptoms, two-thirds of
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a means of diagnosis in any doubtful case.'' Preparations
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could, I think, be entertained against Dr. Foulis's and Prof.
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kidneys is of value to the operator and anssthetizer.
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ment. It has been found that the use of radium pro-
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for diphtheria, was established under the jurisdiction
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grown in a field that produced 25 bushels per acre."
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2. For Glanders. Sulphate of copper 3 to 6 dr., gum Ara-
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it is received into the stomach. Water, alcohol, and other fluids not
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science, it is the instinctive teaching of common sense. Nothing is practi-
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N. and her mother were very ill, and thought they were poisoned. On
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the frequency of primary tuberculous infection of this lymph system is
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lethargy and is the beginning of real mortal asphyxia.
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liniment ; or, covering the part thickly with Lassar's paste, with or without
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alcohol use is associated with recurrent brain injuries.
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addressing him in Latin, cried, " Take your hat and leave the
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looked forward to with no small amount of speculation and
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vere case of double diphtheritic conjunctivitis, the palpe-
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cysts containing blood- clots. It was connected with the
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REtuLT.—Mean temperature, 54.U15 ; maximum, 20tb, wind N, 63.50; minimum, 16lb, tviod NW,

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