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Communications intended for this paper, are requested to be left at
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July and August. Dr. Charles Schram, 136 East Eighty-
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another approach to the problem of arthritis. It has been pointed
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25. Dupuytren's Contraction of the Palmar Fascia. E.
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by determinations of the tension of carbon dioxid in
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Signs of Successful Vaccination. — By the end of the second day
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whatever their nature, whether of lead, aluminum, copper,
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dained not to undertake it, but having a Bason of water
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most commonly found in those tissues and organs in which sporula-
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sluggish liver, accumulation of waste matter in the system,
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which was slit open excited the most discussion, the others having
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siderable gratification — that the best results were
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the principles and technique of modern operative procedures.
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real Thomsonians; and about three weeks since they sent from off the
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mich are included between two and three hours; secondly, between four and
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appropriate subject may be found in the revolutions, which
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This child has malignant endocarditis and will die in about five
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Hormes JT, Filley CM, Rosenberg NL: Neurologic sequelae of chronic solvent
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sensitive. This hyperaesthetic band may pass transversely round the
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pen a decent advertisement, has sent a box of patent pills — apd, presto, it work-
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Dr. Nicholls, and this without any reason being assigned for
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metabolism two distinct processes. One of them was a con-
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Atlanta, Georgia 30309 (404) 876-8858 (800) 282-4882
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the blood vessels, it is hardly possible to conceive how he could
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-'"■" l!i-t^'.-i. >"ll,i i ,„ tl„. ,,,,.,„ ,,,- J,
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commenced his experiments by taking two dogs of the same size and age.
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little depressed. At 11 months they were 19f and 12^, and the fontanelle was
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in males. It prevails not infrequently as an epidemic, and chiefly during
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