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The internal perpendicular fissure separates the parietal from the

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SB tneli of the first. When the elrcnit was clom<l, muscular contraction of the right upper and lower extremities

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there is little to fear from its absorption. The epidermis

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ing points of inquiry which arise out of that connection will be

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process through the digastric fossa nearly an inch into the neck. A counter

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I may here say, by way of parenthesis, that small and unequal

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an improvement has watched personally and closely the patients

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of twelve feet, and had been picked up unconscious,

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the table, and about one cm. to one side of the finger. The needle is

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body of the uterus, that the existence of cervical fibroids was apt to be

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ticable to assign reasonably weU-defined limits to the

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cent, boric acid irrigation. Returned at 11:55 a. m. next day and found

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requirement, with the Poland Chinas next, the Yorkshires third, and

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his patients frequently to drink, and with this, orders them frequently

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with any impunity whatever. A neurotic heredity is thus seen

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vaginal, rectal, and urethral disease it is also useful.

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occurs is burned, and the belongings of the deceased

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the general line of treatment Avith which the names of Drs. Weir Mitchell

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strangers, who can teach the will and exercise and con-

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when originally published was twelve dollars alone and a year's subscrip

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before us, endeavours to prove he must have been a member

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tion in sending in his resignation. As for attempts to get that letter

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in the blood, the action of the heart being arrested b}' a morbid j

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