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lungs to the tissues, and to transform it into ozone. Iron is
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moan of one deprived of his senses, they went to receive others, who
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Brief summary. Contraindicated in patients with glaucoma, renal or hepatic disease,
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Institute, develop the physical powers of the pupils, while they afford
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heart are due to some additional or extrinsic disturbance — distension
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Mr. P. already cited. The last was that of Robert Allen, ad-
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4. Gurdjian, E. S., and Webster, J. E. : Experimental and
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document bad never been peen or even heard of— this was in August, IS67.
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to lithotrity. Sir James Paget felt justified in re-
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together dispense more real charity than all other professions
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and it was arduous and difficult work rescuing the patients from
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Continent as a cold application in various ash, 10 grams; citrate of iron, ammoniatedi
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Aberdeen University. Of a delicate constitution, the hard work of
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such cases. indicated when complications exist suffi-
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are the more desirable, since the words active and passive do not quite
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so easily perforated that the operator may be unaware of the condition
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istics of certain types of stools on p. 540 et seq.)
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aU at the same time. It seems to depend, however, upon the will of the
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And so the " Imperial Vaccination Law " of Germany was

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