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nares, or bronchi, intense thirst, and a foul state of the alimentary canal. The

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adult life. It is so rarely an isolated lesion that its symptoms are commonly

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verse, «o the intellect of man has been constructed with exact reference to the exterior uni-

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solve itself as circumstances permitted. The child who was destined

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acusis "). The hater of cocks is a neurasthenic. In spite of cotton wool

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The admission of two medical women to niemljer.ship

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rhoea to continue unchecked. It is peculiar to notice in

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Attention was first called to the unfavorable effect

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immediately removed to a rural township three hundred miles away, and

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alone, or is swollen at first. The infection is not due to the

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he had become delighted, and after further experience he has candidly acknow-

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attended with no spontaneous reaction. This is manifest by the greatest arterial de-

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We favor the use of the endoscope for the following

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while the syringing with cold water produces no responses sug-

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tages and facilities we possess, we must admit that much remains to

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chills, higli fever, and each night an exhausting general sweat.

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rent in its character from a mere dropsy of the bursa; in

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stage of epilepsy exhibits rapid alternation of muscular spasm and re-

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to employment in any part of India, according to the exigencies of

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In the third place, we may look on the increased chloric! output in

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the primary injury, thus allowing the cause, so to speak, of the sympa-

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spleen weighing 8 pounds. The splenic tissue was semitransparent on section. Histo-

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