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nus, and drying it, pure salicylic acid is dusted on to it, and a little cot-
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March 9-1 1— Orthopaedic Surgery Conference. Tammaron at Purga-
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help to bring them to their senses. If they are all to be
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from the 3d to the 6th of October, at the Institute of Technology. Many valuable papers
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followed by loosened cough and free expectoration. Such an
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due not so much to the aneurysm itself (tliough this doubtless has some
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the ulcer was the eroded surface of a hard tumour. The
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Richet, who termed it varicocele ovarien. It seems to us, how-
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Reprint.— ITIiiler (A. G.) Excision or arthrectomj- of
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it happen in our absence : but very fortunately for
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of medicinal preparations unless a formula giving the official
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which are situated behind the stomach or colon or in their posterior walls.
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developed, and these in another day or two dried up and
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chief, and puts the surgeon on his guard ; it then becomes at once his
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checking it. As it was, all that portion of the cornea
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may be attacked directly by the mercuric chlorid solution when the latter is
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New York City and while continuing to practice as a
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to the army medical doctor, the latter is somewhat unequally
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speech defect presented by these fifteen cases, I find that speech was
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Another case is cited by Marsh which has some bearing on this
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yellowish color of about the size of a five-cent piece. The mouths
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present time is to admit the nervous origin of herpes in general, and
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often complain of the bulk, and sometimes of nausea after drinldng
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believes in removing the diseased portions but saving the
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severity, and lasting from a few hours to two or three days.
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sea past the three-mile limit for this purpose. The water and the water
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2. Partial Paralysis. — In partial paralysis we find two principal types :
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for, by the arrangement of the text in the form of questions

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