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contained a layer of fat from three to four inches thick.
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“ at last I was convinced that there is virtue in them
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2. Innis BL, Nisalak A, Nimmannitya S, et al: An enzyme-linked
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" The cells which thus render in so short a time the blood unfit to support life, are circular,
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alive. Yet they are ready to die ; but in the great majority of
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small residue of food near the pyloric end — the pris-
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for the ansemia is quite unknown. It gives rise to fatty degeneration of
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produced are mainly subjective — this is the curable stage.
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the disease. An application has been made to the Lord Mayor,
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sometimes inclined now to criticise existing conditions would be able
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On nearly every third day from this time until her death, the urine was
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TlieiQ 18 nothing strange about this, if, instead of regarding the hectic
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summer-day, that Dr. X, could, therei^ore, have gone the short dis-
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tation as to the number of students matriculated or in attendance, will be
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should defer the use of them as long as possible, as, having once
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During the day the patient should have an anodyne sufficiently often
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other hand in no disease do we see so many patients recover who have
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thesia- or surgery-related problems from that needed to
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From the Sleep Disorders Clinic, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California.
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Peritonitis is always found in fatal cases in which the bowel has been per-
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a like result. If these observations are supported by other testimony,
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atus. The work is especially suited for students and prac-
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portion of the rectal wall where the dissection is being
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important disease. If these investigations shall be
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vals, in a few days (or possibly weeks) a pricking sen-
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nutritious meals a day, so that in such cases a little milk drinking
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l/25th the body-weight of the birds when sufficient anti-neuritic
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micturition. Almost invariably a chronic cystitis was present, which, from
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sated, it is not by any means so much so as is commonly believed ; bat
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unaffected portions of the lungs the respiratory murmur is

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