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Definite Cause. — Working in cold water. Prolonged

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less marked, whilst in Case II. the sclerosis is most decided and

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fifty new students have already matriculated, about twenty five in each

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Dr. Bray that a committee be appointed to make an offer of this building to the Canada

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standing, and which subsided nine or ten hours after the

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tion. Thus for all the kinds of malarial fever the law holds good

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and Hydrophinae contain a large amount of neurotoxin, which is richest

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22nd he was unable to raise his right hand to his head. On

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first, still, he kne.v that a simple fare was most con-

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kidney usually prohibits nephrectomy; on the other hand, the presence of

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vision, the removal of the cause of the squint, and the

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Greys, the 93rd Highlanders, the Royal ArtUlery stationed at

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than by any diet where exogenous fat is substituted for the amount

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subject of Beneke's earliest investigations, and in later times many

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cation ; that they may have been used irregularly, imperfectly,

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cerium oxalate, mainly, in the vomiting of pregnancy ;

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at command. After this time 115 cases were treated,

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With the treatment above mentioned, nervous irritation

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cleaner and better milk supply through this means. In

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person who is well acquainted with the early history of medi-

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iiioouv6iiieiit3 dcs fetes Ibraines. Cong, intcruat. d'liys-

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trial. In this connection, and for the purpose just expressed, I will

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stitute the second group, that of astigmatism against the

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accompanied by severe organic symptoms. She had copious

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or tearing, or cutting like colic, until they sometimes grow intolerable;

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and outward rotation of the foot. Another cast showed the

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