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and rapidly breaking the current a dozen times or more.
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the vibrations readily produced in them by the more free reflux
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ordinary hypertrophic rhinitis appears pale in com-
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Dr Watc says, '* possess sufhcient vigour, the reaction goes on to a
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finer, or more tender influence with young men. He loved
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dying cases of phthisis, and the foundation of a sanatorium for
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December ^th: For the last two days the patient has had pain around the external
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tion of chloroform, short of complete anesthesia, will
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incorporated. Although I tried to separate them at several points,
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with ; especially if retro-lateral flexion be substituted
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Leopold and Meronoff {Archiv fiirGyndkologie, Bd. xlv., H. 3) summarize
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in the centre, presenting incipient staphyloma. I performed
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We are, however, more especially delighted, that we are to receive
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hundred years, has persisted in taking breakfast " late," and even in " fever'n-agy-Ingiany," has
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Thus, gelatine, two ounces, are dissolved in sixteen ounces of
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the light. From absence of light they become pale yellow
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not only wise above what is written, but in opposition to what is written.
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regulations or professional custom stipulate that your
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applications from candidates for the vacancies so occasioned.
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the thigh by a large bungarus fasciatus said to be quite fresh, and
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sharp pictures with a short exposure. I began my work at the
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are often ill defined. A most characteristic sign of gall
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the wall of the bladder ;;c7- abdomen, a method he had adopted to draw the
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when there are conditions existing m the throat, lungs,
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presenting to them various objects, but in order to make the modification
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substances ; 4tii, the absence of information as to the specific properties of the
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Microscopically there is dilatation of the capillaries and small vessels
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life was gradually extinguished. This I suppose the twenty-
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do not help us much to understand the details of the process : moreover,
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the samples inspected to the total number of the samples taken.

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